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twinzok is a car selling platform to sell your vehicles. Compared to other car selling platforms, each vehicle has to be verified with its manufacturer specific digital representation. Broadly speaking, this allows for the following advantages:
  • Less fraud, as each vehicle on the page does really belong to the seller.
  • Misrepresentation of key vehicle data (such as odometer) is diminished as the "car itself" transmits this information.
  • More information allows for more granular searches and better search filters
Buying a used vehicle from an ad on twinzok offers multiple advantages. Each listing is verified through its manufacturer specific digital representation. This verification can only be done, if the seller is indeed in control of the vehicle. As a buyer, this leads to...
  • increased peace of mind, as each vehicle on the page does really belong to the seller.
In addition to verification, some manufacturers also offer the option of transmitting the vehicular state from their internal database or the vehicle itself. For Teslas for example, each listed vehicle did previously transmit key state data such as odometer values or battery health to twinzok. The seller has no influence over this step and is therefore unable to inadvertently alter things like configuration options or odometer values as this information was given to twinzok from the car itself. If there is an error, it is a systematic error that affects all listings equally. As a buyer, this leads to...
  • increased confidence in the listing, as vehicular state data was not altered by the seller.
Especially if you are interested in a listing from far away, these two things increase your confidence that you are not being scammed.
Listing a vehicle on twinzok has rarely been easier. Because a lot of your vehicular information such as configuration options, odometer values and more are already stored by the vehicle itself, you just have to transmit this information to twinzok, add some metainformation and you are done. Depening on your vehicle, these steps are all conducted online and securely. For Teslas for example, creating a sufficiently detailed listing from scratch can take under 5 minutes. Because key vehicular data was verified and transmitted by your manufacturer itself instead of you manually entering it, potential buyers have also more confidence in your listing that you did not inadvertendly mistyped something or are up to something nefarious. As a seller, this leads to...
  • listing an ad is easier as key vehicular data is added automatically.
  • increased customer confidence in your listing, due to vehicle verification by third party.
As a seller, before posting a listing twinzok verifies your vehicle ownership status and other information (like odometer values) through manufacturer interfaces. The specific process varies by the manufacturer. But all processes have in common, that the protocols are established and with security concerning data safety and integrity in mind. You can view which specific information is saved and how it is processed by twinzok on the privacy policy page.
Currently, it is automatically deleted after thirty days. You can request manual deletion at any time.
In addition to vehicular state data, some manufacturers also offer the option of transmitting historical vehicular data from their internal database or the vehicle itself. This could include but is not limited to historical battery state of charge, speed values or other values of interest. In the future, twinzok will use this data to create a vehicular twin of the seller's vehicle. You as a buyer can then simulate digitally your target vehicle and view estimations concerning e.g. estimated battery range for the specific listing. That is why the name is twinzok. Work on this is actively being done but a release of that feature will take some time. Thankfully, even without this feature twinzok does offer enough advantages to be usable today.