Privacy Policies

As a seller, it depends on the manufacturer of your vehicle which data is saved and how it is processed. This page describes step by step how data is fetched, obtained and processed by twinzok.
twinzok uses the Tesla API to...
  • authenticate vehicle ownership,
  • fetch generic vehicular data,
  • fetch vehicle state data.
As a seller, you submit a Tesla Access Token to authenticate these steps via Tesla's OAuth service. The access token is only used to retrieve the aforementioned data and not saved by twinzok. Tesla account or password information is never exchanged nor used by twinzok. This access token only has a limited validity (usually around 24 hours) after which it becomes unusable. This OAuth process is not new and has been established for many years. As twinzok does not deviate from this established procedure, no additional security risks are expected from this step.

The vehicular data (like odometer values) that is fetched during this procedure is stored on twinzok's uberspace server which is located in the European Union. This data is only fetched for the purpose of displaying the vehicle listing and is completely deleted after expiration of the listing. A deletion of the listing can be requested at any time. Deletion of the listing includes removal of the aforementioned vehicular data and any personal information shown in a listing from twinzok's servers.